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Strategic Messaging

Great Grassroots understands that developing a compelling message and then consistently delivering that message are the keys to any successful grassroots campaign. That is why we carefully develop strategic communications plans that evaluate the environment, analyze the issues and stakeholders, and identify the tactics that will work best. These plans bring together the various “moving parts” into a highly coordinated, successful campaign.

We maintain relationships with quality polling firms so we can enhance our messaging by accessing up-to-date information on public opinion regarding specific issues or group of issues. We also nurture long-standing relationships with national and local media so we are constantly ready to communicate our client’s message to the public.

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Community Outreach

Great Grassroots has a proven record of creating strategic alliances among a broad base of communities and organizations that share the client’s interest in a particular issue. Working with the client, we develop a strategic plan based on the issues at stake, the target decision-makers and the desired results. We identify the most effective constituent advocates for the particular issue and then mobilize those constituents to engage the targeted decision-maker.

Our ability to build successful coalitions stems from our extensive political, community and business networks combined with our commitment to on-site project management.

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Database Management

Great Grassroots is constantly updating databases of influential citizens across the state who are not only involved in politics and public affairs but help make their communities what they are by being involved in church activities, civic and community groups, non-profits and charity organizations. We know where to find the people who can make a difference in your issue campaign. We have a database of more than 40,000 people across North Carolina who matter and who have a voice in their communities, cities, counties and state.

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Earned Media

Great Grassroots’ approach to a successful grassroots campaign includes executing a coordinated earned media plan that includes news releases, media tours (radio and TV), desk-side interviews, op-eds, letters to the editor, news conferences and new media strategies.

We work closely with the client and make sure their time is used effectively. Whether it is preparing interview briefing materials, drafting op-eds or coordinating meetings and teleconferences, our goal is to help you successfully and efficiently deliver your message. We do the footwork so you don’t have to. And we show you the results in the form of newspaper clippings, TV footage and radio segments.

Developing a coordinated message and strategy is only one half of the equation. Executing the plan through vigorous earned media is the key to the other half. Our expertise, work ethic and relationships allow us to provide the highest quality earned media support for our clients.

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Paid Media

Great Grassroots’ creative services team allows you to develop and present your argument to the public and decision makers in the most compelling light possible.

Successful paid media strategies begin with collecting evidence. We field accurate polling tools and carefully arranged focus groups to test public opinion on your issue. Detailed knowledge of current attitudes and opinions towards specific issues allows us to devise persuasive messaging that will lead your campaign to victory.

And we are as careful delivering your message as we are developing it. Whatever the medium—TV, radio, direct mail, newspaper or internet—our design team creates unique advertisements that capture the targeted audience and drive home your message.

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Website Development

Great Grassroots works with our clients to develop web-based strategies that drive media, volunteers and key influential leaders to the client’s message. We specialize in interactive websites that ensure viewers will not only learn about your issue, they will be urged to advocate for it. From giving your target audience the opportunity to “call your legislator,” “email a friend” or “sign on to the plan,” we use the internet to spur action.

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New Media

Great Grassroots has a number of web consultants, who will help you execute strategies that keep your campaign on the cutting edge of today’s newest technologies. We have the ability to develop a vigorous presence on social networking sites so we can disseminate your message quickly and cheaply and connect with individuals who are ready to join your effort. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn we can help deliver your message via social media. The advent of web-based social networking has taken our nation by storm. We can help harness this power for your cause.